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The future of enterprise-scale system development lies in the model-driven arena; from business logic through architecture, testing and deployment to maintenance and system management. All joined up and all in a single pass. It's starting to happen now. Smaller, knowledge-empowered teams mean faster controlled development in house and a reuseable IT infrastructure asset base. It makes commercial sense.

JeeWiz is well placed to to be at the forefront of that development.  We need good people to make it happen for us.

We are looking to take on experienced people who can see the bigger picture and anticipate consequences and ramifications of their actions. You may be a c++ developer, an architect looking to change platform or perhaps a business analyst/modeller seeking to work in a new environment. These backgrounds and others lend themselves to involvement in JeeWiz.

What is bound to be necessary is training. NT/e will provide the environment for your training and development but it will be your drive and experience that will determine your level of success. The rewards available are dependant on the level of training required so the quicker this phase is accomplished the better for you and us.

NT/e is a small company - you will be immediately visible at Director level. We are very flexible as to hours, location, terms of engagement etc. We fully expect to agree different arrangements for each individual we take on.

Has this whetted your appetite? If so, please contact us so that we may progress matters.

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