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JeeWiz! presentations were made at Code Generation 2007: in Cambridge, UK.

Matthew Fowler gave two presentations.  These are available here in PowerPoint format.
Getting started with code generation in an enterprise.
     The ladder to abstraction: Quantum leaps or incremental steps?

Virtual blog of the event.


JeeWiz Home Page   JeeWiz! 3.8 Raises the bar for the MDA community     In its three years existence, JeeWiz! has certainly been the envy of much larger competitors. It has enabled users to generate very large percentages of code from high level models.

Now the bar has been raised yet again. Using the latest version of JeeWiz! - 3.8, users can generate up to 98% of code for database applications. Besides the fact that the standard Data maintenance pages are generated, users can now also model custom user dialogs using high level specifications.

Here is a list of some of the new features introduced to JeeWiz! 3.8:

  • Enhanced User Interface Modeling. This includes features such as specifying Paging, Plug-and-Play Page Styles enabling a user to specify the use of a different page style template.
  • Architecture Verification Test Suite. By using the built-in test suite, architects can verify that their architectures conform to robust specifications.
  • Better Web Services integration. Following the work done for Deutsche Post AG, users can now map between Web Services and J2EE services in a way that enables an enterprise to publish a true Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). By further enabling modellers to have advanced UML diagrams of Web Services, the specifications are further enriched.
  • Stronger Predictive Assumptions. By creating stronger algebraic equations, UML users can now create systems even faster, by enabling keyword linking. This enables JeeWiz! to ensure that Entities, DataViews and Pages are created by analysing the user's naming scheme and correctly identifying the correct stereotyping.

  Matthew Fowler Presents Pragmatic MDA @ JSig.     MDA is a rallying call for practitioners to make the construction and maintenance of software systems more successful, agile and maintainable. It proposes to do this by making logical models (PIMs) a first-class artifact that are used operationally throughout the whole lifecycle (rather than being binned at the first opportunity).

This talk will demonstrate JeeWiz!, which is built on XML, Java and open-source tools, and creates small or large systems quickly and reliably. It works today - we will demonstrate a realistic J2EE application to prove it - demonstrating that the MDA vision is not only realistic but the direction of the future. We will also give a brief overview of the novel techniques that make JeeWiz! able to handle different technologies and company standards.

Biography:   Matthew is architect for the JeeWiz! product, and responsible for the system-level aspects of its engine. Following his degree from MIT some time last century, he spent a five-year apprenticeship building program generators for a range of business systems. He held a series of R&D, marketing and sales positions with companies building LANs, communications products, software engineering tools and large corporate systems, before getting entangled in application generation again with JeeWiz!.


  Matthew Fowler Demonstrates at OOPSLA the power of JeeWiz!. Matthew Fowler, the Chief Architect of JeeWiz!, will be demonstrating some of the advanced methods in transforming Specifications to executable code at the OOPSLA conference in October 2004.

Using case studies of actual work done on client projects, the power of JeeWiz! will be clearly shown as part of this demonstration. Case studies, such as Deutsche Post, Cambista and others will be used. More ...

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