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Voyant provides professional consulting, mentoring and educational services concentrating on a visionary, yet pragmatic, application of Model Driven Architecture™ (MDA) to address increasingly complete business and technology needs, including business process management and enterprise architecture.

Technologic Arts Incorporated (TA) is NT/e’s Japanese Partner and is adept in advising on and undertaking agile development using OO and UML technologies. NT/e and TA are collaborating to integrate JeeWiz with PatternWeaver to create an efficient end-to-end real-time system generator for use in Japan and the USA.

NT/e's local government system, relies on Microsoft software to run its industry strength software.

ProSolveIT's Consulting and Education services focus on enterprise architecture, systems architecture, integration and infrastructure especially where upgrading and transforming IT systems are directly tied to the clients organisational and strategic priorities. In such cases our knowledge and implementation of SOA is extremely important. Our SOA Methodology called 21st Century IT sees IT aligned to the Business ProSolveIT also collaborates with strategic alliance partners to help address client’s issues.

The FlowMap business modelling environment is highly regarded by the business community. Synergy with Jeewiz enables very rapid deployment of live systems directly from FlowMap's business models.

NT/e is a member of the OMG, with special focus on MDA.

NT/e is a Qualified Service Provider for the MDA FastStart program.

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