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JeeWiz For Business

High Speed, Low Cost

Using JeeWiz is the fastest way to develop J2EE business applications because it can automate most of development - even the difficult parts like building user interfaces. Automation cuts out a lot of manual effort, reducing cost.

It does this by converting a model (structured specification) into an application. To many people, 'modelling' means creating sketches to help flush out business requirements - but without a direct link into the developed system.

With JeeWiz, modelling is used pragmatically as a direct input to system building: it is the fastest, easiest way to specify the requirements which drive the system build. It's also the fastest way to change the application - when a business user changes the model, JeeWiz automatically changes the application to match.

More Control, More Value

Because JeeWiz is quick to change in a number of ways - specification, architecture, look&feel - it gives business managers more control over the development process. Web-based applications that manage information can be built in hours or days rather than weeks, and then incrementally refined as feedback and additional requirements come in.

We're not saying there's no manual development at all with JeeWiz, but it's small enough that there's no need for the "leave me alone for a few months" development phase. The manual development is small enough that it can be done as the application is being refined, and constantly directed towards business value.

See the Big Process, Small Process section for more details.

Deploy Early And Often

With big-process development, deployment and redeployment take a lot of work. Using JeeWiz, it is practical to deploy applications during the refinement process so users can test the application immediately. The most value is added when real users work with a real system - that's when you find out what the killer features and kill-you problems are - so the sooner that happens the better.

JeeWiz doesn't just automate the coding - it automates deployment too. Even if a system is going to be deployed in a large-scale way, the automatic deployment can be used to fire up the application immediately on a spare machine or user's desktop machine.

The Open Road

Many rapid development tools work only because they limit the domain or technology they can target. Sometimes there's even a hint that a manufacturer may be trying to lock you in to his technology!

JeeWiz isn't like that. It can adapt to different operating systems, languages, development environments and architectures. Creating these adaptations is indeed a technical job - but a cheaper option than rewriting an application for a new platform.

JeeWiz is also designed to be adapted to corporate design and deployment standards. In other words, JeeWiz is not a dumbed-down application environment: rather, the standard architecture generated by JeeWiz is suitable for roll-out in enterprise applications.

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