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Cambista accelerates with JeeWiz!

When Cambista decided to build the latest version of its on line banking system they recognised the need to keep the risks to a minimum and produce a highly flexible product. Due to the outstanding quality of their solution, the Dutch bank ABN Amro recently selected Cambista to provide an online banking system for branches in both Turkey and Russia.

In May 2002, Cambista selected JeeWiz! to enable them to improve the speed of development and the flexibility and control of the architecture.

Maintain Flexibility

One of the key benefits of the Cambista banking system is the ability to integrate rapidly with client's existing systems and deal with new branding and local requirements. Any tool used to build the software would have to accommodate and enhance this flexibility. Using JeeWiz!, the Cambista team found that they could integrate new features rapidly without threatening the stability of the system.

Bruno Girin, principal architect for the Cambista team said,

  • "By using the [design] patterns included within JeeWiz! and extending these, we found that the architects could define a concrete architecture that could not be violated by the developer. We needed to generate the repetitive tasks, but not lose the flexibility to make changes where needed. Model-Driven-Architecture (MDA) gave us this combination and JeeWiz! proved to be the perfect tool to implement this functionality."

Reduce risk

When Cambista develops their software, they want to retain ownership of all their code "We need to be able control our environment entirely" said Valerie Bell, Technical Services Director for Cambista. She continues: "Due to the critical nature of banking systems, we need to be absolutely sure of every part of our application."

By generating native code and not requiring run-time libraries, JeeWiz! provided productivity without introducing additional risks.

Large systems - easy to maintain

Even though the system comprises over 3,000 classes, the development team was deliberately kept small. "When the number of developers grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to control the quality of code and architecture", said Bruno Girin. "JeeWiz! enabled the architects to maintain this kind of architectural and code control while contributing tremendously to our productivity."

"While utilising a number of the standard patterns that were available out of the box, we were soon using the JeeWiz! engine to extend the patterns to build increasing amounts of the system."

Future work

Cambista is currently evaluating JeeWiz! v 3.6 to determine how this can be used in future releases of their product.

Bruno Girin is excited about this prospect: "We are especially keen to extend the breadth and depth of patterns to automatically model and build components, in particular in areas such as user interface, web services support or legacy integration. The ability of JeeWiz! v 3.5 to maintain the same code base across multiple versions of J2EE is imperative for our future development."

About JeeWiz!

JeeWiz! has been developed and is distributed by New Technology/enterprise (NT/e). JeeWiz! automates and simplifies the lifecycle development of complex software systems. JeeWiz! uses the MDA approach of transforming process-independent models into rich, platform-specific architectural frameworks. The same model can be automatically migrated to new platforms by running different transformations. JeeWiz! supports web-based J2EE and .NET systems, and the Java and C# languages, out of the box. It can also be adapted to other environments. More information can be found at

About Cambista Technologies

Cambista Technologies is a leading provider of next generation iBanking business applications to the Corporate, Business and Retail banking markets. We help our customers rapidly deliver world-class cash management, payment and information reporting, sweeping and pooling, trade finance and foreign exchange solutions. Our customers benefit from: Substantial cost savings through increased Straight Through Processing and reduced operational cost; improved customer satisfaction through the ability to tailor solutions to specific customers and market needs; and rapid implementations which are over 50%faster than competitors.

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